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Subject: 1026 tcp nterm remote_login terminal_emulation
From: Ryan Yagatich (ryagatichCSN1.COM)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 09:37:43 CDT

What exactly is nterm?

i mean, i understand that it's a terminal emulation like the subject says,
but i'm interested in documentation about it.

here's why:

I connected my computer to my isp one day, and then port scanned myself and
found that port 1026 (nterm) was open, well, i've never used it before and
was quite unsure about it. netstat showed no connections to it, and when i
telnet'd to it i just got:

Connected to <ip>...
Escape Character is ^]

and that's all. i wound up filtering that specific port off of the machine
using ipchains, but that still doesn't tell me what it is or does.

all help appreciated.