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Subject: Re: Security on Sendmail vs Qmail
From: Jason J. Czerak (jason-czerakJASNIK.NET)
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 12:25:31 CDT

Qmail.... it's even faster and NFS safe... Sendmail has it's quirks, but some
say that's do to the fact that it's alot more complex and in the long run has
many more features. But then some say that's just an excuse for it's quirks
and security holes (like me :).

Qmail is fine for basic mail and Vdomain mail setups (get vpopmail for
vdomains). And there are no security holes found in it since the release of 1.03
and that was a long time ago.

On 02-Sep-2000 Luis Gonzaga wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm relative new to Linux world (I came from NT... ), so there's some
> things, maybe extremely easy that I'm missing. One of that things is
> security on mail systems.
> I think that one of the most popular linux mail packages is Sendmail. But I
> heard that sendmail is not completely secure, may be due to some buffer
> overflows... I'm not sure. Someone told me Qmail is much more secure,
> compared to Sendmail. Honest, I've no idea ;-)
> I take a look at one book which I found to be very good "Securing &
> Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition" at http://www.openna.com/books/book.php
> and they write about Sendmail, so I think I can deduce that Sendmail is
> secure enough.
> Question: I don't what to now which is the best mail software, or if
> Sendmail is best or worst than Qmail. The only thing I would like to hear
> from you is which package has security enough to be installed in a company
> that don't want to have the email hacked?
> Many thanks,
> Luis Gonzaga

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