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Subject: Re: Permissions in Debian/Slackware
From: Guilherme Oliveira (guilhermeNORTENET.PT)
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 13:56:22 CDT

J C Lawrence wrote:
> For more general access I'm rather fond of MindBright's's Java-based
> SSH client hung off a web page (just point your Java-supporting
> browser at the page toi get an SSH session on the box):
> http://www.mindbright.se/english/

Good idea !
Do something like a web-portal.
I'll try to put everything from a web page.

> Aside: The Debian packages for things like PortSentry, Snort,
> Tripwire, LogCheck, etc, aside from being self-configuring at
> install time like all Debian packages, also come with reasonably
> intelligent defaults.

Yes, i saw that, I have tried to put snort in Slackware, but it don't even have the rules to work.
Then I downloaded update-vision.sh that updates fresh rules day to day, but one day, it will be to
hard to upgrade the entire distro. We must stop the server, reinstall, compile, configure ... maybe
one day of work.

An important thing I saw (I think) is the group permissions in Debian that is very well prepared. In
the example I did, it has a group for "sound".
In Slackware, give "sys" group permission to some users to access /dev/dsp so they can listen some
mp3, I must give access permission to others files I don't want.
I think that only with Debian I will have health group's with the right permissions and nothing
more, right ?


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