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Subject: Re: Nessus Causing Problems?
From: Daniel Harrison (danielhLOUDCLOUD.COM)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 11:25:44 CDT

When you are running Nessus are you disabling the dangerous plugins? Have you tried posting this to the Nessus mailing list? I met Renaud (the author) at SANS this year he is extremely helpful to the Nessus community at large. From my understanding of nessus if you are disabling the dangerous plugins then you shouldn't have any problems. But if you are using a different smtp server it
might have some problems. Have you researched the vendors pages looking for problems? By the way you can get the subscription information for the nessus list at nessus.org .


Nick Edens wrote:

> I should probably clarify that I am not using sendmail to send messages. I am using a groupware product called TeamWare. It has its own built in smtp server. The reason I know Nessus is the problem is because the service only goes defunct while the nessus scan is running. It happens every time I run the nessus scan. I have had no problems over the past eight months except for this.
> -Nick
> David D.W. Downey (10/25/2000 16:54):
> >What makes you so sure that Nessus is the culprit? Just the fact that that
> >may have been the last program you ran doesn't mean it's to blame. I'm not
> >saying you are wrong, I'm just wondering what your criteria is for
> >determining that that was the problem.
> >
> >Have you reviewed your messages or syslog logfiles for possible errors? have
> >you tried killall -HUP 'pidof sendmail' yet? Since sendmail is well known
> >for having multiple problems in it's lifespan, it could be something else.
> >Case in point, I have difficulty with sendmail recognizing one of my users
> >from the outside as being authorized to geet his mail. Every other user we
> >have set up in the same exact configuration can get their mail, but he
> >can't. Only one in the company. I've reviewed his settings too.
> >
> >So you see, there could be just about any reason for sendmail hanging, not
> >getting, sending mail. All depends.
> >
> >If you can give me some information on how you are determining that Nessus
> >is to blame, I might be able to assist.
> >
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> >From: Nick Edens <nedensCHECKERDIST.COM>
> >Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 7:59 AM
> >Subject: [FOCUS-LINUX] Nessus Causing Problems?
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> >
> >I ran Nessus on all of my servers yesterday and it gave me back a log.
> >This morning I noticed that my smtp mail program on my mail server wasn't
> >working as well as the fact that I was not recieving any inbound mail. I
> >looked at the nessus report and it didn't say it found anything that would
> >cause this. Am I going to experiance this problem everytime I run Nessus or
> >is this just something I did wrong while running Nessus.
> >
> >-Nick