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Subject: (no subject)
From: Marnix Petrarca (MxpMULTIWEB.NL)
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 14:05:11 CST


I need to set up a machine for dial-in from another location, so I can acces my network remotely and hopefully securely. I need it to be Redhat Linux 7, and I will use PCI-based ISDN cards on this machine. I will be calling into the Redhat with a Win2k box, also via one or more ISDN lines. I use EuroDSS1.

 I have seen many PCI ISDN cards for Linux like www.traverse.com, but I need the machine to do callback on me and possibly encrypt the line like Magistrate VPN or something. It has to do Multi-Link or better, like the one from traverse.

If anybody know Does anybody know from experience - no factsheets! if he/she knows of a good working ISDN/VPN bundle for RH Linux that will work?? Lowcost?

Thanks, bye -- MarnixDaemonLabs.com, The Netherlands.