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Subject: Re: NT domain renaming
From: Brian (bbernardoUSWEST.NET)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 17:40:23 CDT

To rename a domain, check out the links below. I will warn you that this is
not an easy task. I have done this three times -three times too many. Make
sure that your management understand the cost/risk involved in making that
change. I have yet to have the change rollover smoothly. If your PDC also
runs DHCP make sure that all your users release their IP (ipconfig /release)
prior to rebooting to the new domain. I feel for you man -not a fun task.
Make sure that you have more than one set of hands. Be prepared to recreate
any mapped drives (something to do with the SID).



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From: "Young, Paul" <PaulYMATRIX.COM>
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 8:00 AM
Subject: NT domain renaming

> My company has been bought out by another and there is a desire within
> management to remove all references to the old name, which just so happens
> to be the NT domain name. Does anyone know of a not-too-painful way to
> change an NT domain name? I have a small network with a PDC and Exchange
> server and about 50-60 NT clients. I can handle the Exchange org. change
> (using the moveserver wizard - works very well, BTW). I just don't know
> a way to change the NT domain name without a complete reinstall.
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