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Subject: Regarding *.pwl files...
From: Gene Gomez (ggomezVERANCE.COM)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 11:24:30 CDT

Winodws 95 login boxHey all,
Regarding the mentioned *.pwl files, does anyone know of a crack that exists
to exploit *.pwl files in order to gain access to the domain passwords for
the users of a Win9x machine? I'd expect that something like l0phtcrack
exists to attack those.
My concern is that my Windows 2000 machines and their authentication
mechanisms are safe (the BIOS specifies boot from C: drive, then has setup
password protection...a local attacker would have to crack open the casing
to get past the OS), but Windows 9x has ALWAYS made me nervous. My company
is very security-conscious, so if I could demonstrate to them that we need
to migrate the remaining Windows 98 users to Windows 2000, that would be a
great boon to both my network and personal feeling of security.

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  Correction: In my earlier reply to this thread, I mentioned *.pwd files
in the Windows directory. That should be *.pwl files, and the filename will
be the name of the associated user. Sorry!

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