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Subject: Re: Certified Security Course
From: Illtud Daniel (illtud.danielLLGC.ORG.UK)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 04:31:56 CDT

IN0M wrote:


> That was about a year ago and I have read everything I can get my hand on
> since then, But have had no luck in finding a job in the security industry
> here in Australia. I am mostly self trained on NT, *unix having come from
> the CAD/CAM side of network. So as I said I think a course would be an
> advantage. I call MS there suggestion was to do a (AUS$9000) MCSE. But I was
> hoping there was a more security dedicated course.

Woah - nobody'd employ you as a security guy on the strength of
an MSCE - MS aren't exactly rated when it comes to network security.
Read up - it sounds like you've started well. Try Cheswick & Bellovin's
firewall book, subscribe to (& read & understand!) Bugtraq, surf
l0pht.com, rootprompt.org, insecure.org etc. Get a 20-dollar 486,
install linux (or *BSD) and build yourself a firewall. Put it up
and watch the scans.

Now none of this gives you any bits of paper to hang on the wall,
but you'll learn a *lot* more. There are plenty of ISPs and companies
that have been burnt by crackers who'd pay plenty bucks to find out
how, why & how to stop it happening again. Offer to break their
servers (if they haven't got somebody looking out for security, it's
a sure bet that there'll be holes or unpatches vulerabilities), but
make sure you've got permission on paper. There's a lot of
opportunities in network security, but IMHO, a course is not a
way to learn about it.

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