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Subject: Re: ftp server on win98+why you can't be secure that way...
From: Schmerzkex (SchmerzkexGMX.NET)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 10:12:50 CDT

Well, under win9x I would use the Serv-U ftp server because it allows many
settings and it is secure enough. why enough? I think if you work under a
microsoft-os you can't complain about the security if you want to have
comfort. So it is no use of calling a program secure or not if it runs under
an os from redmond ( 'k, microsoft did a lot to make their OS more secure in
the version 2000. But that won't change history.).
By the way: I think none of the topics in the ms-securityfocus really deals
with SECURITY. Not this question, not the question how to delete a folder,
not the question how to clear the ms-explorer-history efficiently. This is
more like a bulletin board where some persons need some sort of help. I
haven't been in this newsletter for a long time (I think for 2 months or so)
but I thought of something different. Nevertheless it is a good source to
gain knowledge ;-)

S*tan (Der Weg ist das Ziel)

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From: Aman <bol128k1BO.NETTUNO.IT>
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 12:10 AM
Subject: ftp server on win98

> Hi all
> i want to know a good and secure ftp server that can run on win98
> thanks a lot

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