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Subject: Re: ftp server on win98
From: Batten, Gerald (GBattenEXOCOM.COM)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 08:00:35 CDT

All this talk about securing an FTP server is great, and the recommendations
have been top notch. But Mr. Sanchez is the only one (that I've seen) that
has mentioned the VALUE of security. The value of security is only as great
as the cost of replacing/repairing any damage caused. If the cost of the
security solution is greater than the value of the data (including
intangibles such as reputation) then I say there's not much point, and a
more cost-effective (even if it's not as secure)solution should be
implemented. From the sounds of it, this individual seems to be looking for
an easy way to share files or to access his files from a remote location,
say from work or a friend's house. If this were me (and I've been in this
situation), this is what I'd probably do.

1. Make a full backup of my system using Ghost and a CD-burner. If a
CD-burner is not available, then so be it. Maybe some other removable
media, or a different (possibly hidden) partition. If I had all of my
installation media (because I have purchased copies of everything I have and
each of them come on a nice little CD) I might fall back to floppy disks
(yes, people still use those) and a simple tool like WinZip just to store
any personal data that would be very difficult to re-create.

This ensures easy recovery, and it's just good practice to have a backup.
We all back-up all of our systems, don't we? ;)

2. If I didn't mind the time it took to upload the data to some sort of
file sharing service on the Internet, I'd probably do that, since I could
access the information at any time and not have to worry about silly things
such as firewalls blocking FTP (on any port). It would also move the risk
from my system to the provider's system. I-drive.com seems fairly reliable,
as far as I can tell. I've used it to share pictures and such with family
and friends - even long-lost relatives.

3. If it were just for letting friends share files and my computer was
connected 100% of the time (cable or DSL), I'd go ahead with some local file
sharing tool. Maybe FTP (and remove anonymous connections), or maybe some
other tool, I seem to recall some tool called 'hot' something that was free
and had both PC and MAC clients and servers (sorry, I don't recall if they
had a Linux version). Or some other proprietary (i.e. non-standard) tool.

That's must mho. The opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily
those of my employer.

Gerald Batten, NACP
Security Consultant
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> Subject: Re: ftp server on win98
> Anyone on these lists obviously knows the value of security.
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> Hi all
> i want to know a good and secure ftp server that can run on win98
> thanks a lot