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Subject: Win98SE Patches
From: Snehal Dasari (pavehawkNAPALM.NET)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 02:33:11 CDT


I'm curious to know if anyone has seen the windows 98/windows 98se patches
available on CD (not the SE upgrade CD)?

I would like the ability to download all the 98 patches to my local NT
servers and have a login script run it all for me rather than having to go
to each machine (or ask each client to perform this) and logging onto
windows update site. On top of this, not all machines are allowed inet
access (its a government site, I manage one of the few servers) and it'd be
more cost effective for me if I could get it all locally.

I've briefly checked my personal technet subscription and I cannot see any
reference to the security patches that are listed on the windows update

Snehal Dasari