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Subject: Re:
From: Matthias Krawutschke (matthiasKRAWUTSCHKE.COM)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 17:39:57 CDT


i have see some problems in my network and i find out, that NetBeui is the
If have have only TCP(IP as protocoll; Microsoft make NetBeui over TCP/IP and
this spoke every Minutes again.

Please check sonething like WINS, LMHOSTS and so on.
I hope, that will help you.


Colin Weiner wrote:

> While looking through some firewall logs, I notice that 2 Win95 machine on
> our internal network are trying to connect to every half hour or
> so. I have looked at on of the machines and could not find anything out of
> the ordinary. Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Colin