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Subject: Re: Outlook security problems
From: ROTTENBERG,HAL (HP-USA,ex1) (hal_rottenbergHP.COM)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 10:16:12 CDT

As a (cheap and lazy) alternative to the IEAK you can download the ie5setup
stub from Microsoft (or any download mirror site). Run it, then choose
Custom setup and hit next. Then change the setup to Full (instead of
Minimal, this way all files are downloaded). Then, hit the Advanced button
and you will notice a Download Only check box. Check that, hit Ok, and
continue the wizard normally from there.

From that point you will have the IE5.x setup files on your hard drive.
Share them on the network and have people run ie5setup.exe that way. Note
that you may have to do the above once for each OS as the files it downloads
are different.

Hal Rottenberg | Hewlett-Packard
Technical Support Engineer | Phone: +1-404-774-4041
Internet Security Division | Email: hal_rottenberghp.com

Web: http://www.hp.com/security

> Upgrading to IE 5.01 SP1 (and maybe 5.5) requires each host
> to be connected
> to the Internet and downloads many meg to the host. This is not
> optimal. Unfortunately, there is no selection to download the entire
> install file to a local server where one can upgrade hosts
> via the intranet.
> To perform an intranet upgrade - you need the IEAK from
> Microsoft. (http://ieak.microsoft.com) NOTE: there is a