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Subject: Re: MAC addresses
From: Marc Maiffret (marcEEYE.COM)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 10:49:13 CDT

null session? You don't need to use a null session to get a MAC via NetBIOS.

Simply send:
grab the return packet to yourip port 137, the mac is right after
"\x20\x20\x03\x04\x00\x00" or something close to that

you could always just type C:\>nbtstat -A | find "MAC Address
=" but then that's not as fun.

me and Ryan will probably release a dumb daemon soon that spoofs return nbtstat's. So that way you can play with overflowing a remote attackers nbtstat.exe (possibly) when they are trying to probe you, or at least return fun things like workgroup=mymotherhasbetterhackingskillsthenyou.

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