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Subject: Re: RestrictAnonymous Not working
From: Laura Nuñez (potusGLACYAR.COM.AR)
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 09:18:43 CDT

RestrictAnonymous Not workingHi,
Maybe someone install a new component and overwrite files with a pre-SP3
one. That´s the first SP with support for this registry key. Reinstall the
service pack (your latest) and check again.
Good luck!
Saludos, Laura

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De: Focus on Microsoft Mailing List [mailto:FOCUS-MSSECURITYFOCUS.COM]En
nombre de Anderson, Harry F.
Enviado el: Miércoles, 06 de Septiembre de 2000 03:59 p.m.
Asunto: RestrictAnonymous Not working

  Does anyone know what would disable the
   key from working. I have it set on a server and it was working. I have
a CIS scan to prove it. I was doing a regular scan with CIS and discovered
that it can suddenly enumerate users and shares. The key is still set so
something has disabled it's function.

  Any ideas?

    a.. Harry Anderson
    b.. Telecommunication Specialist
    c.. U.S Office of Personnel Management
  - OPM OCIO Macon, GA

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