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Subject: Re: Number dial lock on NT workstation
From: Paul Jose (pjoseOZEMAIL.COM.AU)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 00:54:13 CDT

Try the Poledit utility, or just use the Regedt32.

You should be able to stop the user changing the phone nubmer
Paul Jose

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Subject: Number dial lock on NT workstation

Hi guys,

Just wondering if there is a tool that could restrict the number a modem
on a Windown NT 4.0 workstation. I don't think you could place those
restrictions on RAS.

 I.e. Workstation A is only able to dial out to one specific number.

Obviously this type of restriction would prevent a malicious user who has
access to the workstation being able to dial another number.

Thanks in advance.

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