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From: John Madden (chiwawa999_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 19:46:06 CDT

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    Hello all,

    When doing a wardialing engagement we come across alot
    of "unknown" carrier detects. I'm looking for a way to
    find out the exact baud rate of the modem answering.
    The modem will answer say at 9600 but the program
    behind it migth run at a completely different rate
    (specially the older programs)

    Some dialing software will auto-sense the emulation
    but you have to give it default baud rate. But if that
    modem is listening for 1200 baud 7E1, you have alot of
    combination to try. I was wondering if anyone has any
    experience on the matter.

    I know that software like Phonesweep, THC etc.. but
    they don't do the trick to find the exact baud rate.

    Any ideas on the matter ?


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