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From: gman . (gman1120_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 11:04:16 CST

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    It is funny that this comes up now. I just opened up a sourceforge project
    called revinetd.


    It is the GPL'd version of the TCP gender changer. Let's get one thing
    straight right off the bat. I am not an expert sockets programmer, so don't
    bash me for my coding skills. I am looking for some help to take the
    concept code and turning it into a stable tool to go into the pen tester's
    toolkit. If you want to help, pull down the CVS tree and give it a try.
    The client version options are hard coded right now so you have to change
    them before compiling. If you want to help out, send me an email.


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