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Re: Odd situation, advice needed on penentration test results

From: Raven Alder (ravenoneeyedcrow.net)
Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 16:41:59 CST

Heya --

Quoth Ido Dubrawsky (Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 03:19:32PM -0500):
> I would recommend that the your client unplug the power from the
> system (hopefully the intruder has not setup a logic bomb that
> triggers if the network interface goes down). Then it's a matter of
> getting the system into a state where imaging the drive(s) can be
> done.

        Also, if they want to capture some of the forensic information
that's lost with a power-cycle (running process list, etc), just yank
the network connection. If you want to ensure that the Ethernet
interface stays up, leave it connected to a hub with no other
connections and no uplink. Or just make yourself a loopback plug
(connect pin 1 to pin 3, pin 2 to pin 6, crimp and go --
has diagrams) and insert that in place of the network cable.
        Of course, this still won't save you if the software is checking
reachability to a given external site before doing whatever
self-destructive thing, or if the momentary drop in connectivity when
you switch cables is enough to set it off. But it does keep your
compromised system isolated from the rest of the network while you begin
your forensic analysis. (Or while your client does -- touching that
system after you know it's been compromised by someone else may be
opening yourself up to some sort of liability. I am not a lawyer -- but
it would make me nervous, unless this sort of situation was accounted
for in my contract with the client. If they just signed you on for a
pen-test, I'd probably tell the client exactly what I had found and what
I had done to find it, and let them make the decisions about what they
wanted to do from there.)


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