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Re: USB delivered attacks

From: Gadi Evron (gelinuxbox.org)
Date: Tue Jun 01 2004 - 12:22:12 CDT

> In order to put some 'practice' on this attack, I ve been trying this night
> to effectively use autorun mechanisms and see what could be possible.
> After reading the MSDN specs about autorun.inf file creation, I added
> an autorun.inf into my USB device along with a little batch script whose
> purpose was to copy the 'SAM' table and copy of the 'SET' command
> result into a specific folder on the usb device.
> Nothing happens... Even after being sure auto-run is enabled. Something
> should be missing... are there specific operating systems that disable
> auto-run by default ? (I am using windows 2000)
> However, burning the batch + autorun file onto a cd-rom and inserting
> it into the tray makes the auto-run sequence loading...
> So 2-cents question: which os'es do really use USB devices auto-run
> and on which USB devices does it work ? (not a usb hard-disk key it
> seems)...

USB devices install a driver, nothing to do with autorun.inf that I know
of.. You mis-understood.

As your test suggested, it does work when using a CD.


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