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Re: pen testing flash games.

From: Sir Mordred (sir.mordred.listsgmail.com)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2007 - 07:57:57 CDT

> Dear all

> I am doing a pentest on a gaming website which has mostly online
> flash games. There are known vulnerabilities in flash but i dont
> know how to execute them. In the website, there are also some
> downloadable games which have to be purchased after downloading.
> Theese games also send info such as high scores to the server. Can
> somebody tell me how to exploit the vulnerabilities of flash? and is
> there any intercepting proxy which can trap requests and responses
> of applications such as games, media players, gtalk etc.

KineticFusion is a very good free de/re/compiler (swf->xml->swf).
You'll need to find it copied on the web though, as the official
vendor is currently not offering it for download (afaik).

Flash makes ordinary HTTP requests to backend scripts on the server,
try to find the usual webapp vulnerabilities on those. The flash HTTP
traffic goes through the proxy specified in your browser settings, so
using a local HTTP proxy is possible.


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