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Where is the Wireless line?

From: Barry Fawthrop (barryttienterprises.org)
Date: Tue Sep 04 2007 - 20:57:10 CDT

Hi All

Where does the wireless line being and end with regards to "illegal access"


If company A has a wireless network (unprotected) No Encryption,
Broadcasting SSID, Default Acesss point user_name and password.

You know they need security. So is it wrong to
access the network and print to their printer a document
saying "You need security, I just accessed your network"

Or would one have to have permission first!.
I'm not talking about accessing data and files, but using the printer
and printing on their paper that they need help!!!.
And then going in and asking for a security contract having proved
beyond doubt that they need it.

Otherwise before hand it is just your word & experience against theirs
and obviously they are not going to admit they need help without being

Curious to hear your comments, or possible solutions to the same/similar


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