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InfoSec World Conference, Orlando

From: Erin Carroll (amoebaamoebazone.com)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2008 - 18:34:25 CST

List members,

I was curious how many of my fellow list members would be attending the
InfoSec World conference in Orlando next month. When I was in London last
year for InfoSec Europe I had the opportunity to meet some of our members
across the pond and had a great time attaching names to faces and talking
shop. I'll be at InfoSec in Orlando and would love to meet you guys/gals.
During the conference (Mar. 9-11th) submissions to the list may lag in
processing. I'll try to carve out time to get submissions moderated but just
wanted to give you a heads up and to stave off duplicate submissions/emails
asking if I died, etc.

Please reply to me directly off-list if you're planning on attending and
want to make arrangements to meet up or stop by. If any vendors are lurking
on pen-test who will also be working the show, feel free to reply to the
list on where you'll be and what you have in store for attendees relevant to
penetration testing (new tools, techniques, presentations, activities, etc).

I look forward to geeking out and talking shop with you guys. If there's
anything new or interesting I run across at the show I'll see about posting
a write-up when I get back.


Erin Carroll
Moderator, SecurityFocus pen-test mailing list
"Do Not Taunt Happy-Fun Ball"

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