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[tool] Webtunnel 0.0.5

From: Janos Szatmary (jszatmaryusers.sourceforge.net)
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 20:53:48 CDT

I'd like to announce the release of Webtunnel 0.0.5, available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/webtunnel



     Added support for proxy auto-configuration
     Fixed a bug that would cause a keep-alive timeout to stop the
     Fixed a fork handling bug to support ActivePerl's negative PIDs


Webtunnel is a network utility that encapsulates arbitrary data in
HTTP and
transmits it through a web server. In that regard, it is similar to
however, it has several key important differences: its server
component runs in
the context of a web server as a CGI application (with optional
FastCGI support)
so it does not need its own port, and supports most things that the
web server
supports, such as authentication, HTTP 1.1, HTTPS, and client
certificates; it
uses simple requests and responses so it works seamlessly through
forward and
reverse proxies; it is multi-threaded (actually multi-process using
sockets for
inter-process communication) to allow multiple parallel connections to
destinations simultaneously.


To tunnel SSH traffic to your web server:

     wtc.pl tcp://localhost:8022 tcp://localhost:22 http://webserver/wts.pl
     ssh -p 8022 userlocalhost

To tunnel SSH traffic to some other server besides the web server:

     wtc.pl tcp://localhost:8022 tcp://sshserver:22 http://webserver/wts.pl
     ssh -p 8022 userlocalhost

To tunnel OpenVPN traffic through a web server running on a non-
standard port
and requiring authentication:

     wtc.pl \
         tcp://localhost:8194 \
         tcp://vpnserver:1194 \

To tunnel OpenVPN traffic through a web and proxy server both
requiring auth.:

     wtc.pl \
         tcp://localhost:8194 \
         tcp://vpnserver:1194 \
         http://user1:pass1webserver/wts.pl \

To tunnel Telnet traffic through a web server using client certs. for

     wtc.pl \
         --cert client.crt \
         --key client.key \
         tcp://localhost:8023 \
         tcp://telnetserver:23 \

To tunnel Telnet traffic through a web server with proxy auto-
and the proxy server, if any, requiring authentication:

     wtc.pl \
         --pac \
         tcp://localhost:8023 \
         tcp://telnetserver:23 \
         https://webserver/wts.pl \

In most examples "https" is a valid alternative for "http".

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