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winAUTOPWN 2.2 - Introducing BSDAUTOPWN

From: QUAKER DOOMER (quakerdoomerinbox.lv)
Date: Wed Mar 31 2010 - 13:33:35 CDT

Dear all,

This is to announce release of winAUTOPWN version 2.2
This version covers remote exploits up-till March 2010.
A complete list of all Exploits in winAUTOPWN is available in CHANGELOG.TXT

Also, this version is :
Introducing BSDAUTOPWN 1.0. This is the BSD equivalent for winAUTOPWN. In this release you will find a pre-
compiled binary named bsdAUTOPWN compiled on FreeBSD-9.0-CURRENT-2010 (i386). Tested on FreeBSD 8.0
Release alongwith FreeBSD-9.0-CURRENT.

This is the first release of BSDAUTOPWN and does not have all the exploits which are currently available for
BSDAUTOPWN is still under development and hopefully will be enriched with all the exploits which are already
present and also which will be added to winAUTOWPN in the future.

Currently, BSD AUTOPWN is exactly where winAUTOWPN was one year back. This reminds that it has
been exactly a year since winAUTOPWN had been made public. Although the very first version of winAUTOPWN
was written and circulated internally on 20th Jan 2009, it was publicly made available (version 1.6) only on 31st
March 2009.

To run bsdAUTOPWn you will require a FreeBSD OS. Perform the below the set the binary with executable flags.
chmod +x bsdAUTOPWN

Note that BSDAUTOPWN uses the same "exploits/" directory as that of winAUTOPWN.

Daily/Weekly Snapshot/Beta Releases of bsdAUTOPWN & winAUTOPWN are always available for download from

Enjoy the Release.

The Latest available releases now are winAUTOPWN version 2.2 and bsdAUTOPWN version 1.0.

Coded by : Azim Poonawala (QUAKERDOOMER)

winAUTOPWN and bsdAUTOPWN are available at http://winautopwn.co.nr

Author's website : http://solidmecca.co.nr

winAUTOPWN is updated almost daily. Check the Download page for weekly snapshots or use the
ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD LINK : http://089dc64a.seriousfiles.com
(Use this only if the Primary Website for Download [URL given below] is unavailable)

Latest Release can always be downloaded from : http://winautopwn.co.nr

"winAUTOPWN - WINDOWS AUTOPWN (For The True HyperSomniac H-a-c-k-e-r-z-z-z-z-Z-Z)"


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