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Subject: Re: linux v. solaris
From: Jed Dobson (jedWGTECH.COM)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 09:11:52 CDT

This is the difference between "Open Systems" and close propriety ones.
Unix is a open system designed to improve productivity through openness.
Sun's original market was the desktop of high-end technical and graphic
users. These people need easy access to data and want to share data rather
then lock each user into a jail. I work with enough engineers who need to
screw with ACL's all day just so they can all create and write to
drawings,etc. This is SunOS's roots. I am all for open "trusted" systems.
Do I need to prevent users from rsh'ing back and forth? Hell no, if their
workstation is doing something like a fracture they can switch to another
hopefully bigger workstation or server and do whatever they wish. Its a
trade off, yes. I would rather have openeness and then deal with security
on the front end.


Jed Dobson
Sun Enterprise Certified Systems Engineer
Workgroup Technology Partners, an Enterprise Elite Sun VAR!

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Michael Neef wrote:

> It's nearly 10 years ago now since I've been (for 10 years) on CDC CYBERs all
> day & nite ... but I still miss them every minute! First running NOS, but then
> additionally (in dual state on the 180) NOS/VE with its clear command syntax,
> builtin ACLs with access logging, accounting, file cycles, nice file attributes
> such as FAP (file access procedure), completely separated user environments
> (as you describe), programming language CYBIL and command language SCL, ring
> architecture, and so on. How many, many stupid problems of nowadays were
> avoided simply by good design!
> -Micha Neef-
> ---
> Michael Neef, System-/Netzwerk-Administrator
> Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Institut fuer Neuroinformatik
> D-44780 Bochum, Germany
> EMail: Michael.Neefneuroinformatik.ruhr-uni-bochum.de