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Subject: Re: Effective copy across disks
From: Gregory Hicks (ghicksCADENCE.COM)
Date: Sun Nov 05 2000 - 22:56:40 CST

> Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 20:37:36 +0530
> From: Sreenivasa Rao Vadalasetty <vsrWILCO-INT.COM>
> What is the effective way of copying the entire data (disk copy)across
> disks?

If the object is to copy the entire disk, as is, I usually do this:

ufsdump 0f - <path to partition> | (cd /new-disk-path; ufsrestore rf - ; )

and then delete /new-disk-path/restoretable (I think that is the name...)

Of course, if the new-disk-path is on another machine, you should
ensure that root on the source machine is trusted on the destination
machine (via /.rhosts) and then execute

ufsdump ... |rsh destination-machine "(cd /new-disk-path; ufsrestore rf - ; )"

A tar pipe works just a well... But then you have to type in all the
source directories in a relative path... Of benefit is the fact that
ufsdump retries to read any portions of the disk that might be bad
while tar does not...

Gregory Hicks

> I have to copy data on one disk to another disk on another machine. Rcp is
> known to fail copying links and tar(or gtar) seems to be damn slow (could
> get only 1gb copied in 1hour b/w 2 Sun Ultra-II's).
> Would ufsdump be of any help to me??
> Thanx in advance.
> Sreenivas.
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