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From: Laurian Gridinoc (laur_at_grapefruitdesign.com)
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 08:19:06 CDT

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    b0iler wrote:

    >So how about this: Have the web browser (or a plugin) check if any data
    >submitted to the website is being interpreted as scriptting. Then disallow
    >any of it to be used as scriptting. This will not totally solve XSS, but it
    >will prevent the most common XSS (the simple, unchanged input echoed to the
    In the end disallowing javascript-like words?
    Yahoo did that :) check:

    I think that the check should be in the end in the webapp, when
    `displaying' data - where the script is interpretable, since on
    submission may be multiple escaped/encoded to bypass the webapp filter


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