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Subject: Re: http://whitehats.com/IDS/# (was Re: [snort]New tool: snortsnarf.pl)
From: Max Vision (visionwhitehats.com)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 12:58:01 CST

Are you certain you didn't mistype as "IDS140" instead of "140" as the
last part of the url? The correct format is:


I can't get it to fail. Note that only valid numbers will show up - there
were a few duplicates (the ping zeros) that were removed and I haven't
recycled any IDS numbers. Basically I am using mod_rewrite in apache to
do a passthrough to the CGI script.

Also a note to developers setting these references up in scripts -
although whitehats.com is passing through to dev.whithats.com for tons of
stuff right now, it won't always be the case. It is safest to refer to
http://whitehats.com/ urls...


On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Stuart Staniford-Chen wrote:
> Hmmm. This seems to work for some IDS numbers but not all. Eg 140 and
> 177 don't work right now, but 212 and 242 do. (Or am I doing something
> dumb?)
> Stuart.
> > recently fixed in arachNIDS:
> > o CVE and BugtraqID fields are are now links to popup info from each DB
> > o search facility works better - was slightly broken, will improve more
> > o fonts are "better" in some places (feedback welcome)
> > o converted entire database to key on "IDSkey" as index vs. EventName
> > o easier static URL to retrieve IDS records ("awesome" ;)
> >
> > For example, you can now do: http://whitehats.com/IDS/242
> >
> > Enjoy!
> > Max
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