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Subject: Re: http://whitehats.com/IDS/# (was Re: [snort]New tool: snortsnarf.pl)
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (stuartSiliconDefense.com)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 07:15:48 CST

Stuart Staniford-Chen wrote:
> Max Vision wrote:
> >
> > Are you certain you didn't mistype as "IDS140" instead of "140" as the
> > last part of the url? The correct format is:
> >
> > http://whitehats.com/IDS/140
> >
> Yup - that's exactly what I typed. The browser rewrites it to
> http://dev.whitehats.com/IDS/140/

Well, sheesh, maybe I was being dumb. I have Javascript routinely
turned off in my browser as a security precaution, and when I turned it
on, this URL worked. Strange that it did work for some of the
signatures even with Javascript off though.


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