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Subject: IMPORTANT: Spectra Security Notice
From: SecurityZoneallaire.com
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 16:30:18 CDT

Dear Allaire Customer --

A new security issue that may affect Allaire customers has recently come to our attention. Please visit the Security Zone at the Allaire Web site to learn about this new issue and what actions you can take to address it:


This week we posted the following new Allaire Security Bulletin:


ASB00-23: Spectra 1.0.1: Workaround available for administrative interface security issue
    Spectra 1.0.1 (all editions - NT and Solaris) Note: Spectra 1.0 customers are not affected.

As a Web application platform vendor, one of our highest concerns is the security of the systems our customers deploy. We understand how important security is to our customers, and we're committed to providing the technology and information customers need to build secure Web applications. Thank you for your time and consideration on this issue.

-- Security Response Team, Allaire Corporation

P.S. As a reminder, Allaire has set up an email address that customers can use to report security issues associated with an Allaire product: secureallaire.com

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