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Subject: Re: Networking theories
From: Matthew King (Matthew.KingCWO.NET.AU)
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 19:58:20 CDT


Not many ISP or providers actually do that kind of egress checking.. I do
not know of many here in Oz that do.


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From: Bluefish [mailto:11aGMX.NET]
Sent: Saturday, 6 May 2000 10:07 AM
Subject: Re: Networking theories

> victim.org(spoofed) ---> ICMP(source-quench) --->
> router.victim.org

Actually, there was a email from... cert (I think) ... intended for larger
companies and ISPs with guidelines for combating DDoS. Among those
guidelines there was recommendations of checking source IP. So it's a
known problem which responsible ISPs will stop (but probably most doesn't)

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