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Subject: Re: e-mail filtering
From: eduardo.cunha.rodriguezXUNTA.ES
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 03:55:43 CDT

>Hi there,
>does anybody know how to filter e-mail with Lotus Notes? Iīm not responsible
>our Notes installation here, nor do i know much about Notes. But i began asking
>for applying such a filter since end of last year, and up to now thereīs
<nothing! So if anyone can help me out with some "cookbook receipt", i could
>that over to the guy responsible for Notes here.
>Siegfried Gipp

I think the only way is to build a local agent (written in LotusScript) that
runs on the server, or something like that embedded in the mail template of each
client. Itīs not an easy task...
   Edu Cunha