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Subject: Re: Bubble Boy Virus Spreading Mechanism
From: Andrew Leong (Andrew_LeongEMAIL.COM)
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 22:40:53 CDT

Thanks Mr Hecix for forwarding the material. But some questions arise from
it. It is obvious that the script uses the Scriptlet.TypeLib Control from
the ClassID. However, why does it use 2 of them. And why is the one assided
to SoupNazi not used? Is there an error in the script? Or does the other one
use the EyeDog Control? If so then is the ClassID wrong?

Next question, does the Vandelay.Doc = " **INSERT CODE HERE**" mean that the
binary code is attached (like in buffer overflows?). How do we put the code
in? And what happens when Vandelay.Write is executed? Does it create a
temporary file with the code written into it? Then when Windoz reboots, does
it auto-run it due to the Update.HTA file? Or is the code written into

Comments anyone?


Andrew Leong

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