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Subject: TopLayer layer 7 switch Advisory
From: User nawk (nawkREAL-SECURE.COM)
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 07:30:23 CDT


    I have been testing the TopLayer 2500 layer 7 switch, which can be found
at www.toplayer.com. From what I was testing so far the switch looked to do
great things. It even suppose to have security features to prevent DoS from
icmp to other IP based filtering. I decided to do a little more testing on
the switch itself and I found something very disturbing. It looks as if you
send icmp with some bad IP versions, fragmented packets, IP option packets
and bad icmp checksum, it will crash the switch in a heart beat. Also if you
do this a few times, the switch is died as in needs to be replaced. I had
the TopLayer engineers look at this problem and they now realize this is a
very serious problem. I used the latest version of there software. If anyone
is using this product call your rep. As to date there is no fix.

Thank you

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