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Subject: Re: Win 2000 & IE 'shell://' problem?
From: Fernando Cardoso (fernandoBN.PT)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 04:38:06 CDT

> Don't have access to a W2K machine; but I do have remote
> access to a W2K
> Terminal Server, IE5. The same symptoms... I saw the IE
> window flash at
> least a half dozen times before Explorer (the desktop)
> crashed, then IE.
> Desktop came back up no worries and I was able to continue;
> didn't even drop
> the Terminal Services connection.

Happened the same with me (Win 2k Professional 5.00.1295 + IE
5.00.2920.0000). Left an entry on the Application log:
31-05-2000 10:12:06 Winlogon Information None
1002 N/A PCFERNANDO The shell stopped unexpectedly and
Explorer.exe was restarted.

Also, from Dr. Watson log:

Application exception occurred:
        App: explorer.exe (pid=1248)
        When: 5/31/2000 10:11:04.246
        Exception number: c00000fd (stack overflow)

Where's that RedHat CD? :)

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