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Subject: Re: Exploit code for PalmOS
From: Darren Moffat - Solaris Sustaining Engineering (Darren.MoffatUK.SUN.COM)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 05:43:41 CDT

>Does anyone here has exploit code (or shell code) for Palm OS? We're looking

There isn't a shell in PalmOS so where do you want to get to ?

There also isn't the concept of different user privelge levels.

>to develop a proof of concept exploit.
>If there's anybody on this list that have something like that (or think they
>are able to develop something like that) please drop me a note.

What would you be wanting to exploit ? There is no security mechanisms
under PalmOS. If you have access to the device you can do what you like
to it. The only protection is using 3rd party encryption software to
protect data but this doesn't help you protect anything in the builtin

You could write virus software of PalmOS but I'm not sure about exploting

Darren J Moffat