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Subject: R: New DoS attack
From: Raistlin (raistCTRADE.IT)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 06:47:50 CDT

> I saw a new ugly type of DoS attack this weekend.
[mail goes on describing an attack performed using "Unreal Tournament" game
servers as amplifiers]

It's nothing near new I fear. "Quake FLOOD" is out in the wild since Quake
appeared on the game scene, which was no more than 2 years ago, 3 perhaps.

Problem is, connection request to a game server causes huge amounts of data
to be generated and sent without check on a UDP (connectionless, then)

Understanding that UDP is faster and necessary for game programmers, still I
can't understand the lack of security. A simple "3-way handshaking" roughly
reproduced by UDP method would stop all of this, right ?

Just my .02 EUR (which is a little less than .02$ I fear)

Stefano "Raistlin" Zanero
System Administrator Gilda dei Giocatori in Rete
public PGP key block at http://gioco.net/pgpkeys