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Subject: default password list - round 1.
From: Roelof Temmingh (roelofSENSEPOST.COM)
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 07:06:33 CDT


Thanks for all the reponses I received! Many ppl have written to me stating
that they too would want a list like this. Some said that the book "Hacking
Exposed" contain such a list - maybe someone can go through the trouble to
actually put that list online? I have started to compile a list. There are
still many gaps - those are marked with a "?". I am sure the security community
can help fill those gaps - or correct me where I have gone wrong. (Blue Boar -
maybe ask permission for a cross post ?)

The list below will go on the web as soon as I have some more info - hereby the
list so far:

Default password list.

Contributed by:
Stephen Friedl <friedlmtndew.com>
Sebastian Andersson <bofhdiegeekdie.com>
Jonathan Leto <jonathanleto.net>
Mike Blomgren <mike.blomgrenknowit.se>
Knud Erik Hjgaard <knudcybercity.dk>
Roelof Temmingh <roelofsensepost.com>
and others..

OS/type/vendor Username Password
AT&T 3B2 firmware n/a mcp
"old" Bay routers Manager <blank>
ACC (Ericsson) netman netman
Livingston portmaster3 !root <blank>
UClinux for UCsimm root uClinux
3Com Office Connect 5x0 ISDN Routers n/a PASSWORD
All Zyxel equipment n/a 1234
Netopia 7100 <blank> <blank>
Netopia 9500 netopia netopia
digiCorp (viper?) n/a BRIDGE or password
AXIS 200/240 netcam root pass
Cayman DSL n/a <blank>
Linksys DSL n/a admin
BRASX/I01 (DataCom) n/a letmein
Speedstream DSL (Efficient) n/a admin

Packeteer packetshaper ? ?
Xyplex switches ? ?
Cabletron switches ? ?
DLink hub/switches ? ?
SMC hubs/switches ? ?
Accton hubs/switches ? ?


PS: I had a SNMP c.name colum in the list, but there is only one
entry...:(, so I dropped it out for now.

Roelof W Temmingh SensePost IT security
roelofsensepost.com +27 83 448 6996