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Subject: Re: FW: The AOL Spyware
From: Scott Alexander (oxygenDNC.NET)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 02:09:46 CDT

So your saying it is ok for me to scream wolf at a big software
vendor for collecting private data and then not say what that data is
or how it is collected, and its that big softwares company
responisbilty to prove that its not? and that the damages caused
to big software company are ok because it was in the name of
determining if and what data might be being collected?


On 11 Jul 00, at 14:26, Andrew McNaughton wrote:
> This damage is a predictable consequence of the unacceptable (and in my
> country, illegal) behaviour of collecting private information from users
> computers without their knowledge or consent. Yes, it would be better to
> publicise exactly what is being collected, but the responsibility for that
> information being public rests primarily with AOL.