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Subject: Re: tail -f to a dir
From: spiderSECLAB.COM
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 06:33:59 CDT

i tried on Linux (Slackware 7) with textutils 1.22 but it doesn't happen:

spiderchatsubo:~$ tail --version
tail (GNU textutils) 1.22
spiderchatsubo:~$ tail -f /home/spider
tail: /home/spider: Is a directory
spiderchatsubo:~$ su
rootchatsubo:/home/spider# tail -f /home/spider
tail: /home/spider: Is a directory

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Dino Amato wrote:

> Hi-
> I do not remember this being mentioned, but if it has sorry.
> I was playing today and I did a "tail -f /home/mydir" on RH 6.2
> and I get:
> tail: /home/mydir: Is a directory
> tail: tail.c:718: recheck: Assertion `valid_file_spec (f)' failed.
> Abort (core dumped)
> Sometimes I get a core, sometimes not. Same result as root, but always creates a core as root though.
> So I tried this on my SGI running IRIX 6.55 and it went back to a prompt like nothing happened.
> Then I tried it on Solaris 2.6 and it actually spit the contents of the dir. in binary form, but when it was done - it went back to a prompt.
> Now when I do a "strings" on the core I get the info for who wrote tail (Paul Rubin, David MacKenzie, Ian Lance Taylor, and Jim Meyering 2.0a) and other tail related things, then at end I see my environment.
> Any insight other than don't tail a directory?
> (There was no reason why I tail -f a dir. I was playing)
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> Dino Amato
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