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Subject: SSL & IDS
From: Roelof Temmingh (roelofSENSEPOST.COM)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 11:23:42 CDT


I am working on an article-thingy, and while writing I stumbled across
this: IDS & SSL does not work together well...wow! (this was a joke).
Even if you put an IDS on the same platform as the webserver it would not
work. How should this be addressed? Is it addressed in some way by the ppl on
the IDS mailling list? I did a -=very=- quick search for SSL and IDS and didnt
really get anything.

I have some ideas of how one can try to solve it, but I dont want to barge
into other ppl's territory.

Yeah, I know .. its prolly not the best list for the discussion.


Roelof W Temmingh SensePost IT security
roelofsensepost.com +27 83 448 6996