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Subject: Re: All Advantage Spyware
From: Nick Summy (playboyNETINS.NET)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 10:13:39 CDT

This could very well be! My next question is what happens if yor computer
suddenly gets turned off in a poweroutage or something? do those registry
settings go back to normal? one thing I have noticed using All Advantage
is that netscape acts real flaky. Whenever I type, all of the letters
that i type never get into the forms. With all these modifcations going
on, its no wonder my system has a hard time keeping up with my typing!
Is all this worth $.50 an hour?!

Daehlie Owns wrote:

> Attention AllAdvantage Users:
> It has come to my attention, that All Advantage corp. 's software for
> surfing the net for money, has some dll files that do some interesting
> things.
> They are detailed in this text file, written by acecww,
> http://home.cyberarmy.com/acecww/advert.txt , please read it, it shows
> many things, such as screwing with the registery, and unregistering
> dll's, replacing the code, then when your browser closes, putting
> everything back to the way it was. Anyone else have any comments,
> questions, or just plain outrage, please reply to this email.
> --Daehlie