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Subject: Re: The much popular t0rnkit.
From: Erik Tayler (nine14X.NET)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 13:18:38 CDT

> Secondly, I'm going to be as bold as ask 'why not' to CERT serving as a
> 'suppository' (typo there?) for rootkits.

I am all for full-disclosure, but I do not believe CERT would be an
appropriate place to house rootkits and such.

> > If the kit isn't on the web, consider contacting John (sorry John).
> I'm not exactly sure why you apologise to John there.

I apologised to John because he complained about the overwhelming
response that he had received from sending a "I will send out the
tarball" type of message. It seemed he didn't want to get his mailbox
hammered. And I CC'd the list because this is a discussion list.

Erik Tayler