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Subject: Re: Help needed for Repost.asp on iis4
From: spi (securityguruEARTHLINK.NET)
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 10:50:41 CDT

Libwww has a nice utility for doing this

libwww is located at http://www.w3.org/Library/

the application to do this is called web commander it's located at


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Sent: Friday, September 22, 2000 5:56 AM
Subject: Help needed for Repost.asp on iis4


I saw with CIS that my webserver was Vulnerable to :


CIS said :

Microsoft's Site Server 2.0 is installed. This allows users
to upload files to the /users directory. Even if it doesn't
exist any valid user can create the diectory via the web
and the default NTFS permissions given to this directory
give the Everybody Group the "Change" permission - which
allows anybody to create, modify or delete files in that
directory. Added to this IIS gives the "Write" permission
allowing users to use the HTTP PUT REQUEST_METHOD to place
content on the web site via the HTTP protocol. Because of
the defaults, if anonymous access is granted to the site
anybody can do this. Ensure that, if the directory exists
the Anonymous Internet Account is given only read access to
this directory. Remove change permissions for the Everybody
Group and assign permissions per user.

Can someone give me the script that exploit this
vulnerability ?
Cause i don't know very well HTML coding.

Thanks !
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