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From: Patrik Karlsson (patrikcqure.net)
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 14:49:33 CDT

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    cqure.net Security Vulnerability Report
    No: cqure.net.20020604.netware_dhcpsrvr

    Vulnerability Summary
    Problem: The Netware DHCP server has a DOS

    Threat: An attacker could cause the Netware server
                            to reboot, simple by issueing a
                            "non-standard" dhcp request.

    Affected Software: Novell Netware FTP server.

    Platforms: Netware 6.0 verified SP 1.

    Solutions: Install patches from Novell as soon as
                            they become available.

    Vulnerability Description
    The DHCP server suffers from multiple bufferoverflows which can be
    triggered by sending oversized "non-standard" requests to the DHCP

    Additional Information
    Novell was contacted 20020604.

    This vulnerability was found by
    Patrik Karlsson & Jonas Lšndin

    This document is also available at: http://www.cqure.net/advisories/