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From: James Martin (fulldisclose_at_uuuppz.com)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 08:58:50 CDT

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    General Info
    - ------------
    Researched by: James Martin
    Full advisory: http://www.uuuppz.com/research/adv-002-mirc.htm
    Exploit: Proof of concept code available at above URL.

    Product: mIRC
    Website: http://www.mirc.com
    Version: V6.00, V6.01, V6.02.
    Fix: Download mIRC 6.03 from http://www.mirc.com
         Please do not download from unofficial sites, as you may
         a trojaned version.
    Type: Buffer Overrun
    Risk: Low to High

    - -------
    mIRC provides scripting capabilities to allow extension of the
    client. A flaw exists in the $asctime identifier, which is used to
    format Unix style time stamps. Passing a string of sufficient length
    to $asctime will cause a buffer overflow on the stack. This allows
    the execution of byte code through calling $asctime with a carefully
    constructed string.

    The default script included with mIRC does not call $asctime at any
    point. However the majority of major scripts available for download
    call $asctime to decode data provided by the irc server. Many scripts
    call $asctime on data provided from other remote sources. The
    exploitation of this flaw therefore depends on the script installed
    by the victim.

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