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From: Bobby Dominguez (bobby.dominguez_at_corp.terralycos.com)
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 16:01:04 CDT

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    Due to a bug in the content filtering engine of HTMLGear's "GuestGear"
    application, it was possible for a malicious user to inject arbitrary
    JavaScript into a guestbook page, in some browsers. (Various versions of
    Internet Explorer were affected, however Netscape/Mozilla browsers were not.)
    This bug existed under all guestbook security settings.

    Effective in the 9/25/02 release of HTMLGear, this security vulnerability has
    been fixed. Additionally, all new guestbooks will now default to the "simple
    tags" security level. (Previously, the default was to use the less secure mode
    by default.)

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