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Win2k Security Advice Archives: Win2k 'bugs' galore!

Win2k 'bugs' galore!

Subject: Win2k 'bugs' galore!
From: Mousse (mousseCROSSWINDS.NET)
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 17:53:37 CST

Okay, so there were no major terrorist bombings or power outages or the
But there's been plenty of minor, harmless, yet somewhat humorous Y2k
bug-outs out there. Take at the following, for example:

-Gigabyte Technology's (they make Y2k compliance cards) home page lists the
date as "January 1, 4000".
-Apple Computers' home page (remember their "all macs are compliant"
slogan?) posted the date as 1/1/20100.
-Apple Macintosh Quattro servers list the date as "1/1/100" (see above).
-BBC Radio One posted the date as "01 January 1900" ("everything is
operating normally", according to them).
-Star Trek's site lists the date as "1/1/1900" (you sure they're from the
23rd century?)
-Y2k pages all over europe are reporting things like : "Current time in
Chatham, New Zealand is: Saturday, January 1st, 19100 - 02:05:12" (at least
Windows NT's system date will still be running fine)
-Auckland Airport reports the following: "Y2k update: Dated 02:58 1 Jan 100
Auckland Airport Confirms Business as Usual"

Sources such as the register report major companies, such as Nitel (the main
Nigerian telephone system) and eBay (the most infamous auction house of the
internet) shutting down for the rollover. No bids or calls to
friends/relatives in Nigeria today...
Anyone find anything else of interest?

~Mousse K

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